California Auctioneer

Professional Auctioneers performs in a constant effort to the best California Auctioneer in the state.  We pride ourselves on the uniqueness of our approach in conducting your auction, and the service we provide with every auction we attend.   The foundation of our unique approach is a live auction style that is energetic, entertaining, and professional.  Our ability to coordinate the fundraising element of your special event from top to bottom sets us apart from all other California Auctioneers.  At Professional Auctioneers, we do business through a call to action that inspires us to take your Fundraising Event to a higher level.  Professional Auctioneers fully conducts and coordinates the following:

  • Live Auction
  • Silent Auction
  • Web Preview of your Auction
  • On-Line Auction Bidding

Professional Auctioneers are the California Auctioneers that desire to deliver a truly memorable live auction event for your supporters.  We strive to ensure the success of your fundraising event through the following methods: 

  • A style laden with SHOWMANSHIP which allows the supporters of your fundraising group, or charitable foundation, to give in a disarming atmosphere. 
  • Professional Auctioneers TAKES OWNERSHIP of the fundraising goals for your charitable event, and partners with you in order to reach those goals.
  • By acting as true AUCTION COORDINATORS able to guide you through the entire live auction process.
  • Our BID SPOTTERS & RUNNERS will interact with your fundraising supporters in order to keep the energy at a necessary optimum level.
  • Experience in generating the highest level of participation in your SILENT AUCTION, and converting that excitement to the LIVE AUCTION portion of your fundraising event.

Your Charitable Organization deserves to work with the California Auctioneers that invest in the success of your fundraiser.  Professional Auctioneers has established itself as the California Auctioneer that will generate maximum benefit for each fundraising event you hold. 

Contact Professional Auctioneers today and inquire about our auctioneering services.  Find out what other foundations, charitable organizations, and fundraising groups already know…that Professional Auctioneers are truly the California Auctioneers of choice. Call 510-290-5829 today to schedule a Professional Auctioneer for your next event!