Our Clients

“The Professional Auctioneers were instrumental in increasing our live auction revenue by over 35%.”


 Our school has hired Professional Auctionerrs for 2 years in a row.  The first year,2009,was our first with an auctioneer.  The Professional Auctioneers were instrumental in increasing our live auction revenue by over 35%.  The auctioneers were engaging, humorous and understood our very unique audience of our parents. Two weeks ago we had our 2010 auction, in which they were able to increase our live auction revenue three fold over 2008 figures!  Considering the reduced face value of the offerings we had at our disposal and the current situation of the economy, we were expecting numbers to come in below what was raised in 2009.  The Professional Auctioneer group knew exactly when to push and when to unveil caveats.  They had our audience cheering and encouraging the bidding activity; they were our de-facto entertainment.  At present, now 2 weeks post-event, our auction team still receives accolades for the live auction facet of our event-an explicit success.  They were professional, asked the right questions, gave suggestions and ran with the leads we gave them.  In summary, they helped raise the funding our school needs to remain secure fiscally.  We greatly look forward to working with them in our future charitable auction events.

Sheila Della Ratta


“Not only are they entertaining, they are so focused and determined to help us exceed all expectations in our live auction.”


I am writing to thank you so much for all of your help and support in the fudraising efforts.  Because of the amazing work of Professional Auctioneers, we were able to double our live auction profits from the previous year.  We wouldn't think of using anyone else for our event!  This year we were able to raise more than $40,000 to give to our charity.  Thank you again for all that you do!

Heather Glendinning 


“Not only did they captivate our guests but also they fully entertained them!"  


While chairing our spring benefit this year, my co-chair and I were determined to hire the absolute best person/company to maximize the opportunity we had in the room.  That is exactly what happened as a result of working with Professional Auctioneers.  We interviewed several auctioneers and we noticed an immediate difference from the first meeting with Brandon and Loren.  Their professional manner, organization, energy, creativity and experience were what initially impressed us.  During subsequent meetings they were attentive to detail and clearly understood what was important to us.  We shared a common goal.  Not only did they captivate our 450 guests, but they fully entertained them.  They made it fun and exciting.  Professional Auctioneers were polished, professional and spontaneous.  Having them trade off the lead was flawless and consistent.  We doubled our live auction numbers from our highest year in the school's history and I am conviced that they did not leave any additional money in the room.  I would highly recommend Professional Auctioneers and look forward to working with them in any future events that I am involved with.

Risa Groux